Eco friendly people

Who we are

We’re Foremade — a  brand with a serious drive to help rid the world of single use plastic bottles. We are investing our efforts and resources in creating bottles with unique designs and style that dignifies both the user and the environment . Thanks to our expertise in research, professionals and environmental groups around the world who have relentlesly frowned on the global behaviour towards plastic bottles and other form of it use that ends up in our oceans.

We invite you, Let's make a difference together !

Let's Beat the Challenge 

Despite the proven benefits of drinking enough water, downing enough each day can feel like a torturous chore. For many people, drinking water is considered a monotonous task, the water itself being perceived as boring. We challenge you to drink better.

Giving Back

As part of our mission, we will be dedicating $1 for each bottle sold to relevant charity organistion who have been on the fore front championing to protect our environment and ocean lives.  

We will also be funding projects around the world to help most hard hit areas by environmental disasters

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