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3-Tier Stackable Lunch Box | Foremade

Lunch Box for Men, Women and Kids. Eat your healthy meals at work, gym, or wheneveryou’re away from home without a second thought.The lunch box is specially designed to keep food hot and fresh to the taste for hours. Featuring 3 tiers of stainless steel tiffin containers, its leak-lock lid ensures that your meal is spill-proof and easy to handle. Carry your lunch to the workplace, to a family get-together, or to outdoor locations in a hassle-free and organised manner.

Why choose us?

Are you tired of washing hard to clean stains and grease on plastic food containers? Do you want to enjoy your packed meals warm and fresh even when stored for longer hours? Looking for a hassle-free way to bring liquid food such as soup and porridge without having to worry about spills or leakage?


✔️ Keeps your food fresh, free from moisture and spoilage

✔️ Airtight and watertight seal, no mixed or soggy food, and definitely no spills.

✔️ Comes in 3 layers so you can bring the whole day's meals from breakfast to lunch and dinner.

✔️ Ideal for traveling, outings, picnics, adventures, and more.

✔️ High-quality plastic, It is BPA free and non-toxic, easy to clean dishwasher safe & microwave safe.

✔️ 100% leak-proof food storage for any kind of meal preparation.

✔️ Suitable for kids to school, adults to work, exercise, camping, and travel.


☛ Vendor - Trading Innovation

☛ Product Type - 3-Tier Stackable Lunch Box

☛ Material - Stainless Steel & Plastic

☛ Colour - Green, Blue

☛ Capacity - Holds up to 2.1L

☛ Set Includes - 1 x 3-Tier Insulated Microwavable Lunch Box