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"After nine years of promises without proper action and decades of pollution, the people of Ogoniland are not only sick of dirty drinking water, oil-contaminated fish and toxic fumes," said Godwin Ojo of Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria.

Oil and gas extraction has caused large-scale, continued contamination of the water and soil in Ogoni communities," said Friends of the Earth in a statement. "The continued and systematic failure of oil companies and government to clean up have left hundreds of thousands of Ogoni people facing serious health risks, struggling to access safe drinking water, and unable to earn a living."

foremade hydration coalition

foremade hydration coalition

Drinking more water is one of the safest, healthiest ways to detox the body. What’s more, when you drink more often, you will feel satiated, leading to weight loss from over-eating less often. Often when you feel hungry, this signal from the body is actually telling you that you need to drink more, so try a glass of water first, and then eat something if you are still feeling hunger pangs

foremade and health clubs in hydartion coalition

We take into consideration the effect  social economical empact of the world affairs have on the vulnerable. From the oil rich  swamps of Niger Delta to the  scavanging little boy in Dehli landfill. We will through relevant responsible channels support systems organised for uplifing  their living standard.

For example in Eriteria  where 80.7% lack basic  water services, Patnering with NGO's like WaterAid who are already on the ground with dedicated funds generated from the sales of our bottles will help those in desperate need for clean water in someway.These could just be a drop in the ocean but we believe in a unified response for help that can transform and touch real lives. As you continue to look after our environment by ending single use plastic bottles, our promise will be  to keep  OUR PROMISES.

foremade hydration coalition